HoldMyRecord.com – Raising Cash By Sacrificing A Name

HoldMyRecord.comCorporate sponsorship, love it or hate it, one cannot deny, certainly does rake in the money, which is probably why, of the many, fantastic, harebrained schemes out there, Stan Oleynick’s Hold My Record project, sounds startlingly familiar. The idea: the 23 year old Mr.

Oleynick will auction off his name to the highest bidder in order to raise money for an internet project. He will then proceed to get into the infamous Guinness Book of World Record’s by manually typing the words one to one million faster than anyone else. Once he’s gotten into the book, the company after which he’ll be christened will receive buckets of free publicity. The HMR auction will end 100 days from the date of the official launch. Stan will keep his name changed for one year. If he fails to get into the Guinness, he’ll refund all the money. Mr. Oleynick certainly has bravado. Lots of luck to him.

HoldMyRecord.com In Their Own Words

“Hold My Record is a unique, groundbreaking idea destined to turn the marketing world upside down and brings lots of fantastic exposure for one lucky company!
The main motivation behind the idea is to raise some capital for a revolutionary internet project I’m working on (which BTW, officially launches in the beginning of September, this year). The HMR winner will also get a 10% equity stake in the internet project I’m raising the money for, among all the other great benefits.
The idea itself is very simple and can be broken down into three easy steps:
Step # 1: I legally change my name to the company name or website address of the highest bidder on the HMR website.
Step # 2: After the name change process is legally completed (it usually takes around a month to do it), I will attempt to break a Guinness World Record.
Step # 3: If the record attempt is successful, my new name gets recognition as a Guinness World Record holder and is seen everywhere my name and record is, guaranteeing tremendous exposure and unprecedented marketing opportunity for the company that won the Hold My Record auction.”

Why HoldMyRecord.com It Might Be A Killer

This sort of plucky, gutsy publicity stunt does tend to garner attention and it’s a rather clever way to raise some much needed capital. People have become brand items before with success. Oleynick’s initiative, his youth, and his drive are sure to attract some sizable cash bids.

Some Questions About HoldMyRecord.com

Oleynick’s only bid so far is a rather paltry $1,100, will there be higher bidders anytime soon? Is this sort of stunt getting old? Will Stan be able to break the Guinness record for typing? What internet project is he funding anyways? HoldMyRecord.com