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HogPic.comFacebook is everywhere. It is the platform we use to chat with our friends, it is the platform we use to plan our upcoming activities and confirm attendance to events, it is where we make new personal/professional connections… And it is also the platform of choice for sharing images with all our pals. Yet, there are times when uploading pictures to Facebook is something we feel ill at ease with. Uploading images of a wild party we attended to our social network profiles is dangerous because a current boss or a prospective employer might end up seeing them. Better to upload somewhere else. Better to try a site like Hog Pic instead.

Hog Pic is a new image sharing service that lets you upload as many pictures as you want online, and make them visible just to the people you want to share them with. You can make them viewable only by your best two friends, you can make them visible only to your girlfriend, you can let a pupil of yours and no-one else see them… It depends on what you are actually sharing, and its degree of sensitivity. And once the images have been uploaded, then those who have permission to see them can make as many comments as they wish.

HogPic.com In Their Own Words

Free image hosting.

Why HogPic.com It Might Be A Killer

Those who need to share images that are sensitive in themselves will be able to post them here – they will surely remain away from prying eyes.

Some Questions About HogPic.com

How many images can a single album have? HogPic.com