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HobbyThing.comHobby Thing is a social network that is geared towards collectors and hobbyists spanning the whole globe. All the usual social network features apply, and stories can be shared along with pictures and video files.


Further interaction is made possible through the featured forum, as hobby enthusiast can meet there and discuss their likes and dislikes as well as posting information on upcoming events.

At any rate, a “What’s on…” category is prominently featured on the main page and it will let you check out how things are shaping up in a supple and convenient fashion.

Registration to this social site is inexpensive, and you won’t incur into any costs at all for using it. Signing up is a hassle-free process in itself – you provide you name and location as well as specifying a hobby category. Moreover, you can type in a few words about you and your hobby that will later act as your calling card.

Once registration has been dealt with, you can use the “Quick login” link that is included on the main page and start connecting with like-minded individuals right away. In Their Own Words

“We are the Social Hobby Network for people who would like to share their hobbies, interests and lifestyle with other hobby enthusiasts! Whether you’re an amateur hobbyist, collector or craftsman this website is for you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an excellent meeting point for hobbyists everywhere.

Some Questions About

Are there other communities for hobby enthusiasts on the WWW?

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