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Hitpost.comHitpost is a new team of mobile developers that has just released its very first product. It’s named OnSports, and we can define it as an application for these sports fans that like to get really involved with games. You know, the ones who start hollering whenever the ref’s whistle is heard, and who can’t celebrate a victory if that doesn’t mean waking up all the people in a five-mile radius. Well, if that’s the kind of spectator you are then this app is going to be perfect for you. And also for your long-suffering neighbors, as it will replace your cries and yells of victory with words that you type and then share in a social context. OnSports stands as a true crowd-powered sports channel for you and those who are as passionate as you are, and who could think of nothing better to relieve their stress and tension than talking about football, basketball, hockey and baseball.

The On Sports app is available both for iOS and Android. This is the App Store link, and this is the link for those of you who have got an Android phone. And you can also get a free install link by sending in your number either via SMS or via email.

Hitpost.com In Their Own Words

At Hitpost, we build sports apps that make it effortless for you to report for sports teams, anywhere.

We give you professional photos live from the sidelines, and we automatically generate reports, statistics and scores for you to personalize and share.

Then, we show you live feeds of all the teams you follow, updating over 100 times a minute by users.

Some Questions About Hitpost.com

Is the content of the site curated in any way or the other? Or can you post just any old thing you want, and give both players and coaches some serious stick? Hitpost.com