Hitch.me – Date People On LinkedIn

Hitch.meSome say that the strongest romantic relationships are the ones which are born in workplaces, and if you agree with that then I’ve got the perfect site for you. Hitch.me is a new service that has LinkedIn turned into a dating network, no less. It lets you browse through all the professionals who’ve got a profile there, and then approach the ones who seem like a good match for you. You’ll do that by sending them private smiles, hitches and presentations.

It’s important to make it clear that what you do on Hitch.me is being kept out of your LinkedIn account. That is, your activity on Hitch.me is never going to be shared back to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is the service that you use for signing in, but what you do on Hitch.me and what you do on LinkedIn are two completely different things.

And in addition to being private and secure, Hitch.me is free to use. No membership fees of any kind are charged. You’ll get to do as many searches and contact as many people as you want, and at no point will you be requested to pay anything for using the service to make new connections.

Hitch.me In Their Own Words

Hitch.me is a safe, secure and reliable online dating platform for LinkedIn professionals. Browse through the profiles of hundreds of professionals all over the world, send them private smiles, pitches and even presentations all through the safe comfort of Hitch.me.

Some Questions About Hitch.me

Won’t some people get angry at a service that turns their network for professional interactions into a dating site? Hitch.me