Lithops App Brings History to Life With the Power of AI and Rich Storytelling

​​If you’ve ever witnessed a famous statue up close and in-person, you may have been left wondering what untold stories and hidden secrets remain trapped beneath its many layers of iron and rock. While all of the world’s statues have their own rich history and unique cultural significance, there are often geographic and/or language barriers that unfortunately keep their story from reaching a global audience. One app aims to bring the history to life, as well as the story behind the world’s statues, and make it globally accessible with the power of AI.

The app, Lithops, is a history-telling mobile app that unveils the significance of the world’s statues by digitizing them with AI. The app is designed to reintroduce global audiences to history in an entertaining, highly-informative way, allowing for unprecedented engagement with AI-rendered video narrations by the historical figures themselves. World travelers, art appreciators and history buffs alike can access highly-detailed and historically accurate educational content while earning points, collecting badges and even taking augmented selfies with their favorite statues all via the Lithops mobile app.

The application is being developed by MechaPal, a Tokyo/Hiroshima Japan based startup with a vision of reducing the gap between technological advances and business needs. As their flagship product, Lithops will add the touch of sound, animation, expression and accessibility to historical monuments the world over.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The app first takes a picture of any statue and, using the power of AI and animation, brings it to life with human facial characteristics such as head, eye and mouth movements. They can even reconstruct broken or incomplete statues as well.
  2. Next, the Lithops app generates a verified and historically-accurate script and audio describing the statue’s significance, narrated by the statue itself with lip-syncing AI.
  3. Combining these components, the “Lithop” is then rendered in high-resolution and complete with music and background content.

Users can access all of this content via the Lithops app – where they can explore a map of Lithops scattered within a 50KM radius of their location. Lithops will appear within 100 meters of the user and can be interacted with in a 10-meter radius. Users receive a notification when a Lithop is available to interact with and can choose to meet the Lithop, listen to their story and take an augmented selfie with it as well. Each selfie creates a memory that can then be shared with friends. Interacting with a Lithop also allows the user to earn points which can be redeemed for coupons and other rewards from local vendors. Once earned, the Lithop and all of its content can then be accessed via the app at any time.

Ready for more? Lithops allows anyone to uncover the history of the world’s statues and monuments with digitized content powered by AI. The team behind the app is currently in an active Kickstarter campaign, where pledges have dedicated $3,862 of their $87,284 goal.

Image Credit: Mike; Pexels; Thanks!