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HistoricalTweets.comEver wonder what would have happened if Twitter had existed in days of yore? What would Abraham Lincoln tweeted? What about Bonnie and Clyde? What about famous era-defining musicians like Johnny Cash or Gram Parsons? Along comes this new web-based resource to answer that very same questions.


Generally speaking, the site “collects” tweets that these individuals would have posted.

You can access that information in a plethora of ways, too, as it is possible to browse the online collection century by century.

Of course, the most popular tweets can be seen anytime, and there are also some categories such as “Wild West” and “Sports” just to let you focus your searches even more.

Some of the featured tweets include Bonnie tweeting “We’re the rarest of breeds: heroic outlaws. No way this ends badly.” on the 19th of May (!), and Bill Gates tweeting to Steve Jobs on 1978 “Hold on – what’s that about a graphics-based OS? Want to hear more.”

In final place, it must be mentioned that the site is completely open to user contributions, so that if you think that you have come with a historical tweet to write home about, do make a point of contacting the team via any of the provided channels. In Their Own Words

“Most people think Twitter was “created” in 2006. These are same people who think Richard Gere created Buddhism in the 1990’s. Just before Madonna created yoga. Folks, like the sun, moon, and stars, Twitter has always been. This site proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good way to enliven a rotten day and more.

Some Questions About

What is the process for submitting your own historical tweet?

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