HiSocial.com – Create Promotions And Special Offers

HiSocial.comHiSocial.com gives businesses an easy tool for creating promotions and special offers, and spread the word about them through internet platforms such as social networks or websites. The service is free, so if you are a seller for any product, you will only need to register on the site and set up your promos.

HiSocial offers all the tools you’ll need for that end. An online assistant will take you step by step during the creation process, and you’ll be able to see a preview of what the end product will look like whenever you want. When you are satisfied with the design, text, and colors, the assistant itself will provide an HTML code which you can paste on your website. There is no need to know anything about IT or programming, because the interface is created so that anybody can use it.

You can use HiSocial.com both if you have an online shop or just a brick and mortar store. And in addition to publishing your promo on your site and all of your social network profiles, HiSocial gives you the chance to include your promo on their own site, too.

And as a user of HiSocial, you’ll be able to generate a database with all your clients. This makes it incredibly easy to send newsletters and related news about your business.

HiSocial.com In Their Own Words

Create your own promotions online.

Some Questions About HiSocial.com

When will the new feature they announce on the homepage become available? HiSocial.com