HireAHelper.com – Get Local Help Cheap

HireAHelper.comTired of ramen noodles in your dorm room? Want a quick way to make an extra buck? HireAHelper is an odd-job board of sorts aimed at college students. HireAHelper allows anyone to sign up and add information about their services and work ethic.

From there, locals can search for helpers in their area for services such as lawn mowing, moving, cleaning, miscellaneous jobs a desperate college student might do to make a quick, honest buck. Then, the employers will recieve a quote from the helper, and browse information about their services and even see past reviews of work they have done in the past. Wait for the helper to contact you, and once you have reached an arrangement, the funds will be taken out of your account. Once the worker has sucessfully completed the tasks, you award them with a confirmation code which they can use to transfer and access the payment into their bank account. The helper recieves 85% of the payment and the rest goes to HireAHelper.

HireAHelper.com In Their Own Words

“We noticed many young adults (specifically college students) were having trouble finding jobs worth their time and that fit their schedule. We also saw the difficulty that homeowners had trying to find affordable help for a variety of household services. Hire a Helper was created to bring these two groups together. We hope to provide flexible well-paying jobs while providing quality labor and services to anyone in need of some extra help.”

Why HireAHelper.com It Might Be A Killer

Though the site is relatively new, I think it is a really great idea. Having set prices enstead of auction style, like DoMyStuff seems like it would be more effective. They are really going to make a killing taking 15% of the payment price. Lets say the average job will be about $90, that means they will be taking about 13 or 14 bucks everytime a job is completed. I thought of the possibility that the employer might slip the money under the table, though they have eliminated that problem by doing all transactions via confirmation codes and bank transfers.

Some Questions About HireAHelper.com

Some of the questions on the form such as a required URL for your website caused me to abandon the form. Could they just do a Name, email, location, service, confirm, done? What is with the required feilds for Company name and URL? HireAHelper.com