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Your Time Is Money. Earn More For Your Time With Hire.Bid

How would you like to be paid what you’re worth instead of what you’re willing to work for?



The problem with a number of online marketplaces that connect professionals and clients is that competition drives a race to the bottom. People contract their services for far less than they should earn in order to secure work, and have to put in a lot of time and energy to do so, while clients struggle to find the right qualified help.


Hire.Bid is a startup (recently launched in beta) intent on building a different model with better rewards – professionals receiving attractive pay for their talents and clients enlisting the help of top notch professionals.






At the start at least, Hire.Bid pitches the platform toward people “who want to earn some extra money on nights and weekends by selling blocks of their available time at auction on the marketplace.” Since professionals are looking for supplemental rather than primary income, this gives them greater leverage to ask for more money.


Professionals choose blocks of time that they’re willing to work, and accept bids as they like. Greater returns lure professionals, who otherwise might not find it worth their while, to take on additional work. This arrangement then gives clients the opportunity to work with highly-qualified professionals that ordinarily wouldn’t be available on the market.


Hire.Bid’s focus initially is on working with business, technical and legal professionals in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Access to the right people comes at a premium in DC, so it’s a good place for Hire.Bid to begin. What’s more, the company grew out of the local 1776 startup incubator.


A massive shift toward freelance work has ironically rubbed some of the shine off the word “freelance.” The sheer number of people (of varying skill, difficult to measure) vying for freelance work, the number of marketplaces, and the tangle of filters clients must navigate – has made contracting troublesome.


Hire.Bid clearly looks to distance itself from other online marketplaces by trafficking in genuine expertise.


Convenient signup through LinkedIn spares individuals the hassle of creating yet another profile. It also creates an immediate link to a professional network, with endorsements and work history automatically attached, neatly solving the problem of establishing credibility. Hours logged through Hire.Bid and performance ratings will only further help command higher fees.


Personal referrals are great, but hardly a systematic way for professionals and clients to connect – and by no means a guarantee of a good partnership or even shared expectations. Hire.Bid is a tool for setting clear parameters and managing time efficiently.


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