Hipui.com – Mobile Technology Meets Cloud Computing

Hipui.comA company that hails from Finland, Hipui is devoted to the development of technology and platforms that would lead to an enhanced experience for users of mobile phones the world over. The aim of the company is to develop a platform that would make for richer interactions and for a higher degree of context awareness.

The fact remains that there is a difference between mobile and web technologies, and that these differences are not irreconcilable. Far from it, there must be a way to bring aspects of each into close contact with the other. This company is particularly focusing on imbuing mobile interaction with the native user experiences that we associate with cloud computing.

That is done by moving app logic right into a cloud platform where developers can build apps that can make use of intensive graphics as well as sensors. As it was mentioned above, the idea is to eventually give mobile users an experience that is far more encompassing.

Of course, an European company based on such an interesting premise had to be featured at this year’s Plugg event.

Hipui.com In Their Own Words

“Hipui is a high-speed technology startup from Helsinki, Finland. Building on our background in pioneering research carried out at the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), our aim is to create the next revolution in mobile user experience by providing technology and platforms to enable rich interaction and context awareness.”

Why Hipui.com It Might Be A Killer

If it is indeed successful, this platform can radically modify the way in which mobile apps are devised and consumed.

Some Questions About Hipui.com

When will we see the first tangible results of this initiative? Hipui.com