Highlight Mobile App – Electronic Coincidence May Find Your Cinderella

It’s a Friday night, you are bored to tears again. How could this happen?!

Where is everyone?


You stroll through your Facebook chat. Nada. You call your friend, but then realize that they just left for the weekend to see family. What will possibly save you from this dull and embarrassing misery? None other than Paul Davison and his nifty new lifesaver of an app, Highlight.


Highlight is a clever iPhone-only app that helps you connect with those close to you. After logging in through Facebook, Highlight mobile app will locate others using this app as well within a 100 meter radius.

Now that Friday night might actually be turning around.


You take a stroll out to the local bar, and on your way you get a little buzz from your phone. It’s Highlight letting you know your buddies are at the diner you are passing and you slip in to catch up with them. Perfect right? Wait for it…


This may finally be the way for you to break your dating slump as well. Highlight lets you find others that you may not be acquainted with just yet, and maybe send them a message as well. The token item that goes with this is that it will not be just some random Highlight user you are trying to work into a relationship. Highlight shows you users nearby that may be friends, have things in common with you, or know your friends. Everyone that is somehow tangled into your life through the social web of Facebook networks will appear, leaving you with more to do on a Friday night than you were even ready to handle.



Now if you want to keep a low cover, don’t you worry. Highlight gives you the options to keep a setting that lets just your friends and selected guests view your whereabouts.



The new app seems slightly frightening to some by giving up a slight bit of privacy by allowing yourself to be located, but Davison is counting on those that see the potential this it affords. He hopes for it to swell in users by those that see its value which could pull in those users that are a tiny bit wary. He doesn’t plan on just stopping there either, and plans to keep mending and polishing Highlight to keep new customers interested.


Davison is working to add other pertinent information as well. Somewhat like FourSquare, you can state whether you have been somewhere before, or how you commute or of course what establishment you are actually in at the time.


This application has incredible opportunities for development, with integration ideas with other platforms being a very applicable idea. Networks such as LinkedIn could actually find their potential clients or even employees are close by the office right when they need them. The information the app could possibly record could even help marketers follow the social patters of their cliental to better their strategy for that specific area.


Davison is unfolding a new icebreaker for everyone, so don’t miss that chance to make that next friend, or maybe, with a lot of luck on your side as well…

Something even better than just a friend!


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