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HHOT.comHHOT is a browser add-on that site users can download to allow them to quickly and safely browse web pages and rich media. This browser enables clickless browsing, as users simply need to hold their mouse next to an image or link to view the linked content.


Users do not need to leave their current page or click onto different links. HHOT also offers a color-coded Google API icon system to gauge the safety rating of sites. This browser tool is automatically updated, and completely free to boot. New functions, such as social networking features and the ability to show web page visitors, are coming soon. In Their Own Words

“HHOTT develops an innovative and patent-pending browser add-on to support safe, fast, and clickless browsing of web pages and rich media content. HHOTT is also developing a platform for adding social features and partnering with other service providers to transform every single web page into a Web 2.0 enabled social networking page.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

HHOT has the ability to simplify everyone’s internet use. The simple and useful features allow for a safe and enhanced website viewing. The organized website offers all the info potential users could need. Numerous features that will soon be added will only add to the site’s value.

Some Questions About

What additional features can be added to HHOT? What other recommended sites could HHOT post? In what additional ways may this tool be shared?

Author : Bill Webb

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