HeyWire.com – Texting & Chatting Has Become Easier

HeyWire.comHey Wire is communication platform that lets the user chat away in one of the amplest ways yet devised. Generally, we could say that Hey Wire simplifies messaging by letting you have a unified worldwide identity, and by bringing together text messages, Facebook Chat, Twitter and IM under the same roof.

This means that using this new platform you will be able to send a single message through text and Facebook Chat simultaneously, saving a lot of time in the process. The way everything stands, you will be able to text to up to 10 contacts at the same time. And you will be able to text and chat using both the mobile data network and a WiFi connection.

Also, you will be able to start chat conversations on your PC and then pick them up where you had left on your iPod Touch or iPhone when you have the time.

Hey Wire offers coverage in over 110 countries, and more are being added. By signing up, you will get a real phone number that will act as your texting identity. And you will be allowed to have a neat contact list, in which each contact will have his own picture.

HeyWire.com In Their Own Words

“Text for free around the world.”

Why HeyWire.com It Might Be A Killer

Systems which centralize vital services in the way that this one does are always popular.

Some Questions About HeyWire.com

Can you use emoticons when texting though Hey Wire? HeyWire.com