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HeyKiki.comThe inspiration behind Hey Kiki is quite simple: the site lets people who want to learn something or improve the knowledge that they already have get in touch both with instructors and practice buddies. Individual and group activities alike can be arranged through Hey Kiki, and the idea is to let everybody become better at what he wants to do, in a fun and friendly environment.


Running, walking, cycling, reading… all these are activities that can be arranged via this website. It is just a matter of picking the right tutor or instructor, and arranging to meet at your earliest convenience. The provided search interface will let you pick the location you want, too. You can get things done right in your neighborhood, or in any place that you know you will be passing through soon, owing either to your professional or personal circumstances.

And if you qualify as an instructor and you want to make some extra money, then this site will suit you perfectly. Simply sign up using the provided form and get ready to start generating an additional income. In Their Own Words

HeyKiki makes life interesting. It allows you to pursue and improve upon existing interests and learn new ones while getting to know like-minded people to make life exciting.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to pursue your interests while making new friends in the process.

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Which activities are in more demand?

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