HeyDuel.com – Hot Or Not For Facebook

HeyDuel.comDo you remember Hot Or Not? Well, I hope you do because it would bore me to bits to explain that it was a website in which you were presented with two random pictures of people and had to vote on which one was hottest. It was simple, it was fun and it was wildly popular. And by the looks of it, there is still life in the concept. Hey Duel is a case in point, as it revises the whole Hot Or Not premise, and updates it for the Facebook generation.

Because that is what Hey Duel stands for: it is Hot Or Not for Facebook. Users are enabled to have their pictures pitched against those of their friends, and have others vote on their hotness. This process is anonymous, and at no point is the identity of voters revealed to the person who has had his picture ranked.

And that is what this site is all about. The concept is as entertaining as ever, yet one wonders if Hey Duel will ever become as popular as Hot Or Not was in its prime. I suppose only time can tell…

HeyDuel.com In Their Own Words

Anonymously vote on your Facebook friends and see how you rank.

Why HeyDuel.com It Might Be A Killer

Having the chance to vote on the hotness of others anonymously is always something people are attracted by.

Some Questions About HeyDuel.com

Will we see a similar site for Twitter for day? HeyDuel.com