Heroes – An Easy Way To Uberfy Your Business

The Uber of catering, the Uber of web design, the Uber of office space rentals… There’s good reason why companies in just about every industry want to become the Uber of their trade – people love on-demand services.


Of course, the business model also made Uber wildly successful. Others are eager to follow the winning formula. But not everyone knows how to offer an on-demand service.


With the Heroes app, they don’t have to reimagine the business. Heroes is a mobile marketplace where anyone can buy and sell any on-demand service. Sign up to include your company on Heroes and Presto! Customers can find and purchase your services on demand.




Heroes also allows people to name the price they are willing to pay for a service. They can place a request publicly or selectively among profiled heroes. Local providers can then pounce on the extra business when the pay is right. It’s like eBay meets Uber meets… it’s a lively marketplace that gives local businesses greater flexibility to serve customers and that enables customers to more easily find the best service providers at a livable price.


Customers can rate businesses on Heroes, giving them the chance to earn points for speed and quality of service. Proving how good you are will move your business up the leaderboard in your field and score your company even greater visibility.


Heroes notifies businesses of new service requests so they can act quickly on new opportunities. Messaging lets providers and buyers hash out details quickly, while in-app scheduling is convenient for everyone.


When people need something nowadays (an accountant, gardner, tutor, plumber, etc.), they want to be able to find someone right away, with minimal search. Heroes gives customers a tool to get any kind of job done fast. Likewise, Heroes empowers businesses to build a local presence and to expand by offering on-demand service.


Pay what you want, in the moment you want something. If you’ve ever wished you could find a particular service under those conditions, this is your chance. And if you’re ready to to not just call yourself the Uber of X, but actually become it, sign up for heroes at heroesapp.io.


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