HerHollywood.com – News for Aspiring Actresses

HerHollywood.comHerHollywood is a mongrel mix of People, TMZ and the Oxygen network for women. It’s a site which classifies probably 95% of the waitresses in L.

A. Basically, it’s a network/entertainment news proliferator/self help site aimed specifically for actresses and aspiring actresses. Created by a former industry maven, the site dishes up news about Hollywood’s top actresses, lesser startlets, and sitcom staples. Typical headlines read something like this: ‘Bionic Woman Set to Write Own Script,’ ‘ScarJo in New Epic Romance Film’. Ok, so that’s a pretty slim approximation of the sites pickings, but you get the point. HerHollywood doesn’t limit itself to diva gossip though—it has a nice selection of categories ranging from production companies, scripwriting, and awards to talk shows, legal news, and soundtracks. Looks like its updated pretty much daily. Also has handy links to films schools around the US and job listings.

HerHollywood.com In Their Own Words

“HERHOLLYWOOD.COM is daily entertainment industry news about women working and aspiring to work in the Television/Film industry.”

Why HerHollywood.com It Might Be A Killer

Women interested in making it in the industry may like this site. It’s got pertinent industry news and a helpful list of resources.

Some Questions About HerHollywood.com

This site doesn’t offer anything new. There’s a serious lack of features—no RSS feeds, comments, etc. It would perhaps be more interesting if the site’s founder wrote her own commentary/story rather than serving up Hollywood news you could read about on MSN or Reuters. HerHollywood.com