Helper4U – Connecting Job Seekers And Employers In A Few Clicks

Finding a job is tough, the world over. No matter all the systems and agencies and platforms and online tools we’ve created to connect job seekers with employers, both sides of the desk continue to have difficulties connecting.


This holds true in the best, most organized environments. Add to the mix a migrant workforce, a huge population, obstructive traditions, and the employment market would give anyone a headache. In other words, try to imagine how complicated the job market must still be in India today, where an estimated 360 million people are actively looking for employment.




Blue collar workers, especially women and migrants face multiple challenges in finding a job. Trying to navigate without a support network, the right education, or knowledge of digital resources leaves these job seekers particularly susceptible to exploitation in various ways.


Helper4U aims to simplify the landscape with just a few clicks.


Helper4U is a job marketplace and mobile app that puts job seekers and employers in direct contact with one another. With Helper4U, babysitters/nannies, data entry workers, domestic help, drivers, office assistants, cooks, elderly care providers and other employees can receive opportunities in real-time through simple push notifications to a mobile device.


Workers only need to create a profile with a few essential details. Helper4U then verifies their identity and credentials so that it can maintain a pool of qualified candidates.


For employers, it takes just a few clicks to find the right help. They can either browse  for help using straightforward filters (location, type of help needed, hours of availability) or they can pay to have direct access to prospective employees’ contact information and enlist Helper4U to provide shortlists of the best candidates. This arrangement is more affordable than traditional headhunting agencies, and far more efficient than word-of mouth searches.




Those aren’t the only advantages. Being mobile, Helper4U is a convenient tool for filling positions that open unexpectedly or need to be filled on the fly. The marketplace cuts out the middleman, charging no commissions for successful hires. In short, Helper4U is an effective, mobile solution for the disconnect in the Indian job marketplace.


On top of uniting helpers with employers, Helper4U provides workers with additional e-learning resources to develop skills and equips employers with tools for better managing staff. To learn more about the company, visit Download the  app on Google Play.


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