– Make Donations When Tweeting

HelpAttack.comIf you have always wanted to help charities but never found the actual time to do it, this is a site that you definitely have to check. It is named Help Attack, and it will let you support charities by merely using Twitter as you have always done.

To get this service to work all you must do is log in using your Twitter credentials, individualize the cause that you want to support and then begin tweeting out. Each tweet will let you generate coins that will go to the charity you have chosen.

What’s more interesting is that other social services are going to be supported soon, too. Facebook is obviously the one that tops the list, and the idea is that you will donate to the charity in question through your daily social interactions. That is, you won’t have to change your routine or schedule in the slightest. And that is obviously the main appeal that Help Attack has got – how unobtrusive it is, and how naturally it can be implemented. In Their Own Words

“HelpAttack is a way to pledge and donate to causes and nonprofits whenever you Tweet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for supporting charities in a completely natural way – you won’t have to change the way you do anything at all, and still you will be supporting the charities to the full.

Some Questions About

Which other services are going to be added besides Facebook?