– Like Craiglist But For Startups

HelpAStartupOut.comThe Help A Startup Out website couldn’t be easier to describe: it is Craiglist for startups. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Here, people can post their own startup classifieds. It is worth going through the actual categories one by one, if only because they are the heart and soul of the site. They are “Feedback Needed”, “Advisors”, “Co-founder Wanted”, “Rants And Raves”, “Events” and “Partnerships”. Another block of categories is made up of “Office Space” and “Service Providers”. And a “Startups Jobs” category is likewise included.

Out of all these categories, the most active ones are “Feedback Needed”, “Startup Jobs” and “Advisors”, followed closely by “Co-founder Wanted” and “Events”.

In true Craiglist style, you can always see the most recent listings. And a feature of its own is that listings are chosen twice per month and sent out to the whole startup community. If you are lucky enough to be picked and you still fail to get the help you need, it is not the end of the world at all – take it as a chance to change the whole focus of your project. In Their Own Words

“It’s classifieds for startups.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site will be the perfect companion for bootstrapped entrepreneurs.

Some Questions About

How many new listing are added per day?