Help your team stay on task and get more done with collaborative online tools by Dotstorming

As recent months have demonstrated, it can be tough to keep team projects on track and get things done in an entirely virtual space. From getting lost in endless email chains to struggling to make collaborative decisions, you may find yourself missing the right tools to connect with your team in the virtual world. 

Before you send another mass email, say hello to Dotstorming: an online space for real-time collaborative decision making with a host of tools to engage your team and get more done.

Dotstorming enables collaborative brainstorming, planning and decision making for you and your entire team. With tools for voting, drawing, brainstorming and so much more, Dotstorming is a one-stop platform that helps virtual teams connect and make decisions in creative new ways. You can also more effortlessly lead your team and stay organized with Dotstorming’s workspaces that let you keep track of your creations and see your team’s progress, all while making it easier for them to get important work done no matter where they are.

Dotstorming’s Key Features:

Voting boards
Voting boards are a quick and simple method for prioritizing a list of options while creating a sense of engagement and allowing participants to see the decision process in action. Simply create a new board, invite your team and start voting!

Walls are digital whiteboards for capturing, organizing and prioritizing ideas with virtual stickies. Let anyone on your team post a sticky and view stickies from other team members. Connect and cluster stickies to create a cohesive map of ideas.

Whether you’re drawing up a design or unwinding with a doodling game, collages let you draw with your team either on the same canvas or with individual canvases, all in real-time. Customize colors, brushes, shapes and more, or even upload a picture for reference.

Each tool can be customized to fit your team’s needs and comes with options for editing, inviting and sharing to make the space truly collaborative. Within each tool there’s also a chat room for quick and easy communication.

Interested? If you’re looking for a creative new way to interact with your team online, Dotstorming is providing just that with a suite of tools to help teams connect and get more done in the virtual world. Visit their website to learn more and get started for free.