Heehawer.com – Vent Your Every Thought

Heehawer.comPressure is a part of our daily existences, no matter who we are or what we do to earn a living. Nothing we can do could make frustrations vanish altogether.

We have to deal with them, and learning how to release anxiety is the key to a healthier life. If you think that writing it all down would help, then I have a site for sharing with you.

We could say that HeeHawer is an “anger management system”. It will empower you to express your frustrations publicly, for all to read and ponder on and even rate – other people’s frustrations are devilishly funny sometimes. When posting anything, you can categorize the rant in any of the many subsections that are provided such as “Husband or Boyfriend”, “Wife or Girlfriend”, “Boss or Coworker”, “Neighbor”, “Friend” and even “Politician or Public Figure”. And that will be it. Your tirade will be published in an anonymous way. The one and only thing you must bear in mind is that the site is censored, and that swear words will be covered up.

Heehawer.com In Their Own Words

“Just vent it out.”

Why Heehawer.com It Might Be A Killer

It is equally calming and funny. It is calming to let things out, and it is funny to read them afterwards.

Some Questions About Heehawer.com

How censored is the site? Does anything go, or is it every kind of swearword forbidden? Heehawer.com