Hedgeable.com – Grow A Portfolio Through Market Swings

Hedgeable.comHedgeable is an online portfolio management company. Its mission is to provide retail investors with an accessible way to grow their portfolios in up and down markets alike.

That is, when everything woks to order and when conditions take a turn for the worse.

Its clients have the option to manage their current stock/ETF portfolio or create a new ETF portfolio from scratch. What the company does is to send out (infrequent) alerts to its clients when a trade is recommended in their discount brokerage account. You (as the client) report the trade execution details back to Hedgeable. Upon doing so, both risk and performance analytics are calculated by the company and delivered to you for measuring how to proceed best. The process is carried out as long as the client desires, and Hedgeable will always strive to shield his or her portfolio from losses and volatility while capturing market upswings.

The financial crisis brought along an ineluctable question: how can the everyday investors prevent losses, while still growing their wealth? This company offers an interesting take on the dilemma. While it does not offer a foolproof system (no such a thing exists, don’t look for it anyplace) it does attempt to give users the chance to benefit for upsides while assuming the right position in case a downswing materializes.

Hedgeable.com In Their Own Words

“Never allow your portfolio to be affected by a market crisis again. Using revolutionary investing techniques & breakthrough technology, we try to help you grow your portfolio while shielding it from potential losses. Act on just one trade alert per month!”

Why Hedgeable.com It Might Be A Killer

By definition, trading is not for everybody but a system like this one makes it more approachable and understandable to the laymen.

Some Questions About Hedgeable.com

How much does this service cost? Are there different plans to choose from? Hedgeable.com