HeavyChef.com – Exploring Digital Marketing

HeavyChef.comSo what is TheHeavyChefProject, if not a site about foodies gone wild? Imagine this– it’s not a food site at all. In reality, TheHeavyChefProject is a site dedicated to designers and the people who love them including the marketing/PR types, CSS heavies, and your average consumer/web user.

The odd site name was inspired by old adage that you can never trust a skinny chef and it’s a site that wants primarily to explore the brave new world of digital marketing and all the forms it can take. The HeavyChefProject is part of the WorldWideCreative initiative and covers everything from design, social networking and programming to technological innovation and mobile communication. You’ll find advice, tips, videos, articles and more on the digital marketing sphere. Find out what’s hot in the creative web community. Subscribe to the monthly newsletter or get the RSS feed. It’s free.

HeavyChef.com In Their Own Words

“We look at design, creativity, technology, programming, interactivity, social media and mobile communication. We also go off-line, and ask guest speakers to come and spread their wisdom for the benefit of our team and our readers.”

Why HeavyChef.com It Might Be A Killer

TheHeavyChefProject has a cute name, savvy wit, and slick design. It’s a good place to go if you’re into the new media, startups, design, and the whole lot. It’s informative and takes advantage of all media.

Some Questions About HeavyChef.com

Will TheHeavyChefProject prove successful? Is there a business model behind it? Can it profit? HeavyChef.com