HearWho.com – Turn Text Into Audio (mp3)

HearWho.comHearwho.com is a website that allows you to turn up to 3000 characters of text into audio files.

This could come in handy for college students who want to take less time to learn their lessons. Using the site is easy. Just copy the text into the text box, chose the voice you want to dictate the text, and click on Start Conversion. Depending on how much text you set for conversion is how long you’ll have to wait to get your files. The great thing about the site is the fact that you can also take Spanish language texts and put them into sound. This could be a great tool for people learning Spanish to use for better understanding texts and things of that nature. It could also allow you to store small articles for you to listen too while on the go on your iPod. In short, the site provides you with the ability to turn text into an mp3 file. Do whatever you want with it.

HearWho.com In Their Own Words

“Convert any text to MP3 audio for use in your iPod or mp3 player.”

Why HearWho.com It Might Be A Killer

This is something that should’ve been done a long time ago. It lets you turn text to sound, like the Windows application, but you can save the file and email it later.

Some Questions About HearWho.com

Currently there is a 3000 character limit..

This is temporary — we hope to be installing new servers soon to handle the enormous web hits/use that we have been experiencing in since we started. 08/01/2008


Many Updates coming soon….. HearWho.com