Heartfelt Animated Series ‘Cucumber’ Takes a Comedic Look at the World of Tech Retail

When’s the last time you left your house without your phone? What would your day look like without your computer or tablet? Technology has become part of our everyday lives, making everything from work to communication to entertainment more convenient. But what happens when society becomes addicted to technology? Perhaps, an apocalypse…or rather, Qpocalypse, such as the one that threatens the world in Cucumber.

Cucumber is an animated series about the wild world of tech retail. The show’s story features Aaron, a die-hard fan of a tech company called Cucumber, founded 50 years earlier when Carl Cucumber invented the qBook and ignited a tech revolution.

Aaron manages Cucumber store #R034 and dreams of changing the world alongside Carl Cucumber, his childhood hero. Aaron runs his store with the help of a team of geeks, outcasts, hipsters and bros, plus a wizard who makes repairs and a T-Rex who works security.

Working in tech retail can be chaotic, but factor in a turf war with neighboring company Cybersoft, a qBot uprising and a corporate spy who’s infiltrated the Cucumber team, and things quickly spiral out of control. Another threat could make things even worse: Carl Cucumber has seen the future, and it includes The Qpocalypse. Can Carl Cucumber prevent disaster without destroying his own company? A showdown between Aaron and Cucumber will determine the fate of the world.

This 10-episode animated series pokes fun at society’s addiction to technology while taking a behind-the-scenes look at tech retail. While the show’s creators want Cucumber to be entertaining, they also focus on compelling storytelling, characters and emotion inspired by their own experiences. Cucumber includes themes around friendship, betrayal and the troubles brought on by technology.

About the Characters

Cucumber includes a collection of characters, including:

About the Cast and Crew

The team behind Cucumber Animated Series includes:

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