HeartbeatApp.com – For Those Who Develop iPhone Apps

HeartbeatApp.comIf you develop apps for iPhones and you are looking into ways of having a clearer overall picture of the way these apps are being assimilated by the public, stopping by this website will most likely be a good move.

Essentially, Heartbeat is a service whereby you can manage your whole AppStore business from a central place.

You will be able to visualize your sales in an unequivocal way via charts and graphs, as well as seeing sales trends and discovering these shortcomings that you should address. For instance, you will be empowered to see which sector of the audience you are failing to reach, and do something about it. Moreover, you will be capable of viewing balances and keeping track of each and every payment that has been put your way.

In addition to that, Heartbeat makes it simple for developers to see if there is any technical glitch since they can receive crash reports before a real damage to their reputation is done. Likewise, reviews and rankings at the AppStore are easily accessible from Heartbeat, so that you can see if there is something you should add to your app while there’s still a demand out there.

HeartbeatApp.com In Their Own Words

“Heartbeat is everything that you wanted iTunesConnect to be, plus much more. Visualize your sales, get live usage stats, see your sales trends, view balances, keep track of payments and collect crash reports. Simply put: Heartbeat is the only tool you need to manage your entire AppStore business.”

Why HeartbeatApp.com It Might Be A Killer

It is an effective way for developers to check the impact and real outreach their apps are having.

Some Questions About HeartbeatApp.com

Is there anything like it for developers who specialize in other mobile platforms? HeartbeatApp.com