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By utilizing its robust search and navigation platform, Health line is focused on becoming the global leader in intelligent health information services, enabling consumers to make more confident, informed decisions about their health. Health line provides consumers and business partners with a powerful portfolio of online health search, content, and navigation services; it is built from multiple medical databases and uniquely connects interrelated concepts to provide a semantic organization and contextual presentation of health-related information In Their Own Words

“Healthline was founded in 1999 as and was re-launched as Healthline Networks in 2005. In late 2005, the company launched its first consumer-facing service, the website. Since then, has become a top 10 health information destination site with over 4.2 million monthly unique visitors generating over 17million page views per month, providing pharmaceutical, healthcare and lifestyle advertisers with a valuable audience in an exceptionally targeted environment. In addition, Healthline has built an extensive network of distribution partnerships with leading medical, healthcare, Internet companies and consumer brands by providing a “Powered by Healthline” search offering to their health-related content areas. To date, network customers include companies such as Merck, Merriam-Webster, PacifiCare, U.S. News & World Report, Eons,, and Televox.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

By registering on Health line, users can take advantage of a range of capabilities exclusive to members, including: Free Access to Journals and Magazines, Email News Alerts: Choose the health topics you’re most interested in and automatically receive the latest news, Subscribe to Health line Health Experts: Get automatic delivery of medical professional blogs that you can read, comment on and send to others and Save Pages: Save articles, add notes and tag, and organize your important health information among others. has huge potential audience, due to an increasing demand of this service. The site is very appealing and it manages a simple vocabulary, which is very important!

Some Questions About

Where are they planning to get there profits from? What will make this site outstand from others?

Author : Charly Zaks

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