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HealthEClips.comThis site will be mainly of use to the ones who are employed within the healthcare industry. In principle, we can define it as an aggregator that brings together all the news that could relate to such a field in one way or the other.


By way of example, some of the available categories include “Clinical Care”, “Diseases & Conditions” and “Drugs & Pharmaceutical”. There is also a “Medical Education & Training” category that will no doubt keep students enthralled, whereas the public at large will find the ones entitled “Healthy Living” and “Public Health” appealing most of all.

Submitting a new story is done using the selfsame process that you have to sit through when submitting anything to Digg, whereas users can comment willingly on any of the featured items. These comments will be highlighted on the main page for all to see. Moreover, you can check the top news of the day on the relevant part of the site, so that if you just have a couple of minutes to spare and you want to have a quick idea of what is going on in the industry then that is also made possible. In Their Own Words

“Your source for health related news, discussions and debates.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Health professionals and also the public at large could find some interesting content to go through here.

Some Questions About

In which direction is this site headed?

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