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HealthDiscovery.netAre you tired of failing your new year’s resolution of dieting year after year? If you have started a new diet and have decided this year you will reach your weight loss goal, will be of great help to you.


This site provides you with everything someone going though a diet needs: friendly support and food information. The website is separated into several categories including Recipes, Eating Out, in which they count the points on specific meals in specific places, Articles, Tool Box, Shopping, where you can get website merchandising and e-Cards to send to other users or family members and show them your support. Finally, you will also be able to access the message boards where users get together and discuss their different dieting plans, how close are they from their weight loss goal and you can also join the Boot Camp Buddies where you get together with other users and share extreme exercise and diet plans and support each other in order to help them achieve their goals. In Their Own Words

“Weight Watchers Suppert Network.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is a simple and organized website that provides you with the tools to stay on your diet and have a support team to help raise your spirits in your toughest times and celebrate with you when you’ve reached your goal weight loss goal. You will also be able to read healthy and exquisite food recipes, how many points determined foods at determined places cost, press articles and journals from other people, who, like you, are dieting.

Some Questions About

Will they explain the points system to visitors that don’t follow the Weight Watchers diet?

Author : Irene Davids

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