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HealthCentral.comHave you been feeling uncomfortable these past few days and have a feeling something is wrong? Before going to your doctor, take 5 minutes and visit


This site provides you with the necessary health related tools to check for your symptoms and see what could be affecting you, besides many other features such as news on the latest developments on ovarian cancer beating vaccines, or how cities´ smog can be hurtful to young adults´ hearts; information on popular diseases such as migraine, depression, diabetes, chronic pain or less known problems such as some sexually transmitted diseases, Crohn´s disease and the Sturge Weber syndrome. You will also find forums where you can give and ask for advice to other users that include medicine professionals and people who may be suffering the same disease as you. In Their Own Words

“The HealthCentral Network, Inc. has a collection of owned and operated Web sites and multimedia affiliate properties providing timely, in-depth, trusted medical information, personalized tools and resources, and connections to a vast community of leading experts and patients for people seeking to manage and improve their health.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is a well designed and organized website that provides you with the tools to increase your knowledge on health related issues such as known and not so well known diseases, their symptoms, and how to detect them on you. This site also offers yu the possibility to join networks of people who may be very different but have a thing in common: they or someone close to them have been suffering from a specific disease and share their experiences and offer or ask for advice.

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Will they simplify the main page’s design in order to attract more visitors and make them stay?

Author : Irene Davids

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