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HealthcareSpy.comHealthcareSpy is a website enabling people within the United States to narrate both these good and bad experiences they have had as far as the country’s Health System is concerned. This is done by posting stories about their daily encounters with medical providers, hospitals, insurance companies, dentists and anything else related to healthcare in general.

These stories are shared in an anonymous manner, and people can vote for the ones they like best. Each story will bear a banner by default that will read either “Horror” or “Good”, and as you can imagine people can post comments in each and every case.

The idea is to give the general public a broader understanding on the way the healthcare system truly works. As it is pointed out on the site “horror” stories always make for a more interesting read, yet people always categorically (and unfairly) tend to focus only in that. Good experiences are invaluable, and they should be shared as well. Besides, doing so in a setting such as this one (placed side to side with those that are negative) just makes it all the more warranted. In Their Own Words

“ lets ordinary Americans reveal both the good and bad aspects of the United States healthcare system by posting stories about their experiences dealing with insurance companies, hospitals, dentists, medical providers and anything else related to healthcare. Has your experience with American healthcare been a good one, or more of a horror story? Share your real-life stories anonymously and vote for your favorites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The healthcare system of the United States is not perfect, but it is not appalling either. This site will let anybody realize just that, and by pointing out its deficiencies the way everything works can be improved.

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