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Healthcare Startup Improves Efficiency and Boosts Revenue for Healthcare Practices

For the hundreds of thousands of physicians in the United States who own their own health care practice, juggling the management side of their business while providing top-quality care to their patients can be a difficult endeavor. While both jobs are important for a practice to thrive, many doctors simply do not have the time or resources to perform both to the best standard. Instead, doctors must sacrifice good business management to ensure they’re providing the best care, meaning their practice is less efficient and losing out on revenue. Now, doctors can focus on doing what they do best while leaving the rest to Advanced Healthcare Revenue’s industry-leading revenue cycle management and billing services.


Advanced Healthcare Revenue is a physician management company providing comprehensive support services to manage the entirety of a healthcare practice’s business needs. From everyday tasks like office workflow improvements and operational procedures to managing revenue cycles, AHR helps increase efficiency and regulatory compliance and, most importantly, boost profitability. With more than a decade of experience across healthcare revenue cycle management, billing, coding, management and consulting, AHR goes beyond the typical billing and coding company to build a partnership that delivers results.

Advanced Healthcare Revenue is the work of founder Selot Zewdie, an Ethiopian American who, after witnessing the financial impact of the pandemic on healthcare organizations nationwide, equipped her decade of healthcare experience and natural-born entrepreneurial spirit to build the startup and help practices regain control of their business. Selot leads AHR with the mission to support the management side of healthcare practices and allow physicians, nurses, assistants and staff to focus on their patients’ needs.

Advanced Healthcare Revenue provides comprehensive, industry-leading services to empower healthcare practices with streamlined financial and management operations, enabling them to focus on providing better care while collecting maximum reimbursements for the services rendered to their patients.

Revenue Cycle Management | We manage revenue cycles with an individualized approach tailored to a practice’s unique needs. We speed up cash flow and maximize reimbursements through an effective coding process and denial management and appeals process, all designed to minimize billing errors, increase reimbursements and speed up collections.

Medical Coding & Billing | AHR delivers quality, accuracy and value in coding – all focused on producing what our clients are looking for. AHR coding services give healthcare organizations the staffing flexibility they need to improve accuracy, quality and productivity for all coding specialties from professional fee coding to anesthesia coding.

Audit & Compliance | AHR assesses accuracy and compliance with industry standards, focusing on the areas of greatest risk and highest reward. Our consultative approach focuses on identifying specific opportunities and generating actionable insights to improve performance and strengthen results. AHR Coding Compliance Solutions include coding audits, performance reviews, coding denials and risk assessments, all with a customized approach.

Ready to get started? Advanced Healthcare Revenue provides top-quality revenue cycle management, consulting services and more to help health care practices provide top-quality care to their patients. Learn more about them at

Author : Regan Nagel

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