Health Startups: 10 Innovative Examples

We know that the market is crowded when it comes to health startup businesses. But that’s a good thing. These companies cover a lot of bases when it comes to meeting the needs of the people.

That said, a few businesses do manage to stand out above others, mainly because of the ways that they’ve managed to innovate as a health startup. What made them work so much better than the other companies on the market?

What follows is a list of ten companies that somehow made their mark in the health startup market. Pay close attention. They could easily inspire you to work on the next!


Founded in 2013, this company specifically works on fighting against neurodegenerative disorders — including Alzheimer’s disease — using state-of-the-art antibody therapies. That can go a long way to helping out the thousands currently suffering from it, or something like it.

Verge Genomics

Originally opened in 2016, this company does a lot of pharmacy-themed work to find the right drugs for patients. It uses an artificial intelligence system to read the needs, based on what pharmaceutical companies provide them. It sure beats looking down the medicine aisle at Walgreens for the right Ibuprofen tablets.

Reflexion Health

Remember how you get nervous during surgery because you don’t know exactly everything that’s going to happen? Reflexion Health has been helping customers since 2012, using advanced technology to educate these consumers, using a virtual exercise tool. It’s very hands-on, and isn’t just a doctor droning on about “cutting you open or something rather.”

eHealth Technologies

It’s always good to have some form of medical records on hand, just in case you’ve got a nurse asking if you’ve ever had surgeries. Since 2006, eHealth Technologies has been specializing in using advanced computing tools to keep track of millions of medical records, as well as matching up potential patients with doctors and hospitals.

Carie Health

These days, not everyone can go to the doctor’s office or even visit a hospital. That’s why it helps to have a health startup that can connect with you online to meet with you, check symptoms and provide you with advice. Carie Health has been doing that since 2015, and very effectively, thanks to its modern networking tools. (Please wear pants during your appointment, though.)


What is phototherapy, you ask? It’s a technology that manufacturers build into beds to help comfort newborns, be they premature or full-term infants. With NeoLight, who’s been in business since 2014, this health startup has been reading specific conditions using various tools, including hypothermia and jaundice. As a result, it’s provided remedies to help infants sleep more soundly — and, for that matter, the parents as well. (We can hear them thanking them in their sleep already.)


Cancer detection is serious business. Overlooking one small thing can be extremely serious. It can adversely affect the health of a patient. This can happen before they even have a chance to undergo surgery to remove the problem. Fortunately, there are a number of health startup-related companies that can help track down cancer better than ever, such as NeoGenomics. Since 2002, this team has specialized in providing both genetic and molecular testing for medical experts, thus enabling them to read for cancer more efficiently than ever before. They work with hundreds of hospital and private pathology labs, so there’s no shortage of business. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to give this some research with your next health startup.

Modern Fertility

Yeah, fertility tests can be a handful, especially if you’re already waiting in a crowded hospital room. Fortunately, Modern Fertility provides the kind of tools to allow you to test for this in a much more convenient place. Using tests provided through this health startup, you can actually visit a nearby clinic (instead of a devoted office) and simply perform a blood draw or finger prick to see what’s happening, and then get consulted by a physician from there. Simple, convenient — and probably a lot less costly for sure.


We hate needles as much as the next patient, but sometimes they’re necessary when it comes to getting those vital shots to get health again. Fortunately, the technology behind them have advanced quite a few years, thanks to health startup experts like Quio. Since 2019, this company has innovated with a number of wireless injection devices, as well as cloud-based monitoring software. That way, providers keep people safe, even after their injections. You can keep tabs on everything that’s happening with a patient — without hooking them up to 90 different machines.

Rally Health

Finally, did you know you can actually get rewarded for learning more about health? Well, thanks to this health startup, it’s a bit more fun. Rally Health actually provides incentives for patients and employees alike. It also helps them choose vital benefits that are best for them, along with getting some useful health tips. So far, the company has paid out $1.5 billion in activity rewards — and it’s not done yet!