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Headsub.comCreating online video is no longer something that those with the technical chops could do. Companies like Headsub have taken the whole video creation process and popularized it, and now even people who have no technical knowledge can come up with things that where previously achievable only by pros.


Headsub lets anybody create both online 2D and 3D videos by using a wide range of templates. And those who deem themselves as designers will be able to use a 3D editor, and exert much more control over the whole creation process.

The resulting clips can be used for virtually anything, and in very different contexts. For example, people who upload videos to YouTube will be able to create introductions that will leave the public in no doubt who have uploaded them. And webmasters wanting to give their visitors a personalized welcome will also put Headsub to very good use.

Besides, a platform like Headsub is suitable for the creation of banners and bumpers for TV stations. So, that is even more people being able to benefit from it all. In Their Own Words

Headsub offers you a simple way to make your own professional looking 2D & 3D animations in full HD!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simply because it turns something that requires a certain technical proficiency to be done into something that is within the grasp of just anybody.

Some Questions About

How long can these videos run?

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