Productivity Has Never Sounded This Good – Headphones From Audio Troupe

Right near the top of the list of essential startup gear – maybe just below the computer or device that gives each worker access to the Internet – ranks a pair of headphones. Actually, headphones sit pretty high on the list of required equipment for living in the modern world.


Speaking as a seasoned freelancer, having needed to tune out the likes of both construction sounds disturbing my home office and the din of conversation-starved digital nomads chirping inside shared working spaces, I can say that life without headphones would be unimaginable. Work without the focus or renewed energy that comes from music flowing directly into the ears would be impossible.


So, I’m going to assume there’s a huge crowd that will share my enthusiasm for learning about Audio Troupe.


audio troupe landing


Audio Troupe is a curated headphone seller that shows our lobes some much needed love. I say this while looking at a sad pair of Sony headphones on my desk purchased from an NYC Best Buy almost five years ago, foam pads and cushions cat chewed, the cord an open invitation to electrocute myself… Let’s just say that details about Audio Troupe (forgive me) come as music to my ears.


The way that Audio Troupe works is that you sign up for free, speak with a real person who can help you pick the right headphones (after declaring some initial preferences), and then await your shipment’s arrival. The great benefit besides the personal service: you have ten days to try out your headphones and send them back free of charge if they aren’t the perfect fit for you.


Think about how often you rock a pair of headphones and how you use them. Probably, you wear them often. Maybe you workout with them, commute to work with them bouncing around your head. Regardless of how you use them, the environment is nothing like what you find standing inside a retail shop. Audio Troupe gives you the opportunity to not just try on headphones but to make sure they have the right fit and sound for you in your natural surroundings, as you intend to use them.


If only every retailer went to such lengths to ensure that their products would be enjoyed so completely by their customers. Sigh.


To this public beta startup’s early impressive cred, add an in-house sound engineer who vets every set of headphones before they’re offered to customers. In the ear, on the ear, over the ear, Audio Troupe aims to match each listener with the perfect earpiece. They’ve already lined up 7 suppliers, including LSTN or Meze Headphones, to deliver premium headphones, and plan to keep adding to their selection.


Outside distractions cutting into your productivity? Ears buzzin’, noggin hurtin’ from faulty gear? Consider treating yourself to the headphones you deserve at Audio Troupe. Begin your enjoyment of top-quality sound and customer service at


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