Hdgreetings.com – Greeting Cards in HD

Hdgreetings.comHdgreetings allows you to send greeting cards to your friends, family, or clients in High Definition allowing them to watch crystal clear images in full-screen mode on their computer. This service allows you to chose from different categories of greeting cards and then to customize the greeting, the song, and the photo.

With this service, artists can also submit cards and get paid each time their card is sent. This feature should help to encourage the creation of new and innovative cards because it offers a great opportunity to artists everywhere to get their work known and to make some money in the process. The service is free and is supported my advertising.

Hdgreetings.com In Their Own Words

We realize that it is vital to have a continuously innovative selection of greetings. We are putting the pieces in place to support the development of HDcards by the vast animation artist community. HD Greetings will empower creators of HDcards to get exposure and earn money.

Why Hdgreetings.com It Might Be A Killer

The images look great and by offering to pay artists a very fair percentage, they should be able to create a constantly evolving repertoire of greetings. Customers will like the great quality, unique designs, and the customization possibilities.

Some Questions About Hdgreetings.com

There are a lot of greeting card companies out there and it might be difficult for them to attract the traffic required to stand the business up. That said, if they can attract the right talent, with time, this could take off and be viable. Hdgreetings.com