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HBO’s Silicon Valley, Season 1, Episode 3 Recap: Dinesh Is King

Each week I’ll bring you a recap of HBO’s startup-spearing satire, Silicon Valley, outlined by the episode’s funniest quotes. Warning: Stop here if spoilers make you angry. Check out my review of Episode 1 here



Episode: Article of Incorporation

Funniest Character: Dinesh

dinesh silicon valley


Dinesh caught my eye last week with his deadpan delivery of what everyone knew to be true about Big Head, but the character really came into his own this week, starting with his response to Richard’s proposed logo for Pied Piper:


“It looks like a guy sucking a d*ck and he has another d*ck tucked behind his ear, saved for later.”

The whole episode is, in fact, centered around that “Irish pornography logo” and Richard’s quest to get the name Pied Piper, which is currently owned by an old school farmer who runs an irrigation company.


Richard heads up to meet with the man, who takes a liking to him after he tells Richard, “You remind me of my son. He has Asberger’s too,” a moment that calls into focus Richard’s extreme social awkwardness, an all too common ailment in the startup world.


Meanwhile, back at the “incubator,” we make the discovery that Gilfoyle (the Satan-worshiping programmer) is not only a Canadian, but in the US illegally.


“You know who else is from Canada? Justin Bieber. The Hitler of music.”

Dinesh can’t let go of the fact that Gilfoyle is so casual about his citizenship status while he had to jump through hoops to become a citizen himself. Their back and forth over the issue continues into a classic startup scene: the whiteboard name brainstorming session.


Erlich wanders into the Jared poised in front of the board, as Dinesh and Gilfoyle through shittier and shittier names at him. After finding Richard up on his Ikea bunkbed “wishing he took the 10 million dollars,” according to Dinesh, Erlich decides that it’s time for him to something and that something is a whole lot of magic mushrooms.


“And who’s hiding the drugs? Shocker, it’s the illegal immigrant.”

Erlich takes Gilfoyle’s ‘shrooms and goes out to the desert, only to return at the very end of the episode covered in what appears to be feces, jaw still bouncing up and down, and toting a fat little Hispanic boy who he’s convinced is himself, from the past, but in the present.


You know, standard intense trip stuff.


Right before he gets home, however, Dinesh and Gilfoyle pull up, Gilfoyle’s newly acquired citizenship in hand. We’ll close out this recap with one final quote about it from the man himself:


“It took him like five minutes. It took me five years. They asked me about Al Qaeda like 14 times.”

Damn Canadians.


The other, simultaneous plot line involved our favorite quirky investor/billionaire Peter Gregory and more Burger King than any human should ever be confronted with. Unfortunately, Dinesh has nothing to do with those scenes, so you’re going to have to watch it yourself.


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