HaveASec.com – A Platform For Mobile Surveys

HaveASec.comThe current dynamics of life mean that people are always on the go. Any initiative that does not contemplate such a fact is doomed from more than one angle, as a significant number of people are left out the picture if mobile support is not accounted for.

Creating a survey is no exception to that rule. Market researchers can benefit from the conciseness of such a format, whereas there are contexts where such a practice is only natural – for those who have developed a mobile app, it would be unthinkable to gauge the reception the app has had in a framework but the one it has been conceived. That is what HaveASec enables them to do.

When it comes to the actual features that can be implemented, these include real-time responses and four different types of questions along with a basic reporting of results by default. There is also a tool for advanced reporting that is available to those who go for any of the paid plans, which also enables you to export results and have a customizable “Thank You” page along with images.

There are currently two paid plans available, and these go by the names of “Premium” and “Ultimate”. See the full list of features on the site, and see which one will suit your needs. And if you want to get your feet wet beforehand, simply sign up for a free account.

HaveASec.com In Their Own Words

“The mobile survey platform.”

Why HaveASec.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a flexible tool, suitable for measuring the efficacy or any campaign or endeavour in the most dynamic context of all.

Some Questions About HaveASec.com

Are all mobile devices whatsoever supported? HaveASec.com