HauteSecure.com – Stop Malware from Attacking

HauteSecure.comIn today’s Internet, malware can attack even the most trusted and popular websites. HauteSecure can keep you safe from attack.

When the bad content attempts to load, their behavior-based profiling algorithms identify and intercept it in real-time, before it installs itself on your computer. According to them, other security products, like Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware can’t do this. They can only stop offending software if they’ve seen it before. Criminals have been beating their systems regularly by introducing new offending software or dressing up old malware in new disguises. All you have to do is install on your computer through your browser. It’s simple and free.

HauteSecure.com In Their Own Words

HauteSecure was founded in 2006 by a team of security, internet and web experts with a near-obsessive desire to make the web safer for everybody. After watching helplessly as several of our friends and family become innocent victims of malware attacks (despite having the latest and up to date security software), we knew that is was time to take a new approach–one that utilizes the latest web technologies and a community approach to prevent malware attacks–wherever they hide on the internet. We come from recognized companies and government agencies such as Microsoft, Ebay, @stake, British Armed Forces and the United States Department of Defense.

Why HauteSecure.com It Might Be A Killer

Who hasn’t had their computer attacked by a virus, or malware? This site aims to help protect our computers using the absolute latest technology (or so it seems) — all for free. I don’t really see any downside to downloading this program and I thought their FAQ was great and persuasive.

Some Questions About HauteSecure.com

Great program, but how are they making a profit? A: we’re in beta so its free.–we need usage more than profits so we can make Haute Secure better. We’ll introduce the business model in the near future. Are they hoping to be bought out by a larger outfit? A: Nope. How are they marketing the program, as their Alexa traffic was nonexistent? A: we just launched 12 hrs ago. Look for Facebook invites and other ways to include friends to keep them safe while surfing in the upcoming days. HauteSecure.com