search cancel – Get Nagged by Email your friends tell you that you need a personal nanny? Are you constantly berating yourself because you haven’t been to the gym in a year or you keep forgetting to water the garden? If so, it’s time to get hassled. HasselMe is a service with one simple interface that lets users state the activity they need to be reminded of and how often they want to be nagged about it.


Users then simply add their email address and soon the hassles will come to the rescue. The reminders are set to a ‘rough’ number such as “roughly 3 days a week” and HassleMe uses this leeway to send reminder emails at semi-unpredictable intervals. The site’s main page offers a list of popular hassles in case you can’t think of enough. The current list includes going to the gym, writing in a diary, calling your mother and more. In the near future, HasselMe plans to add features such as IM hassling, specific time and date reminders and translating to include other languages. In Their Own Words

“Because sometimes in life,
you just need to be nagged “

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is more fun than boring reminder programs. It adds some humor to the fact that we are too busy to remember the important things we have to do daily and provides motivation to lazy bums who need a personal assistant but can’t afford one.

Some Questions About

Are the hassles in fun spirits such as a note from Mom or a nagging Grandma or are they straightforward reminders?

Author : Bruce Turner

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