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Has Your Lead Trail Gone Cold? Here’s The Missing Clue

Hot leads placed on your desk after putting forth minimal effort – hard to put a price tag on that kind of interest, right? Well, you can put a cap on your marketing budget, call off the social media hounds, and save yourself and staff from countless hours of investigating dead ends. There is a simpler way to have potential customers brought directly to you.



LeadFuze is a service that puts lead generating on autopilot. After completing a form that provides key details about your business and target customers, your work is done until LeadFuze turns up interested prospects.



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First, LeadFuze software tracks down leads and finds contact information online. Once leads have been identified and located, LeadFuze begins sending them a custom crafted email sequence. When someone responds positively, that hot lead is sent directly to your inbox. Simple and effective.


This system saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on exhausting research. At the end of each month, LeadFuze provides a spreadsheet (or LeadSheet) listing all the companies that it has reached out to on your behalf, along with contact information, thus creating an extensive database of leads – for your records, further review and additional follow up, etc.


Speaking of follow up, this is where lead generation can either breakdown or devour time. LeadFuze’s series of timed, tailored emails ensures that neither happens. You never miss an important follow-up message because you’re too busy with other tasks. Plus, you’re spared from having to draft correspondences over and over again. The software and team of copywriters at LeadFuze take care of this work for you.


What’s more, the LeadSheet gives you a list of warm leads, which have already been approached about your product or service, with the contact information necessary to pursue conversions using means other than email. However you try to close a deal, LeadFuze drastically cuts down on the legwork involved.


Entrepreneur Justin McGill created LeadFuze more or less by joining two systems – lead finding and email automation – that he’d built for previous ventures. (You can read his live blog about starting and launching LeadFuze in just 24 hrs here.) “The sales process is very quick,” he told KillerStartups, “as people tend to just ‘get it’ when I talk to them.”


Plans are priced according to the number of leads contacted monthly. Every plan includes the LeadSheet, as well as the custom crafted email sequence, and sends hot leads to your inbox in turnkey fashion.


Tired of wasting time and money chasing fool’s gold? Let LeadFuze do the email prospecting for you. Learn more about how LeadFuze can deliver B2B leads to your inbox at


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