Hardtree.com – Manage Your Every Project

Hardtree.comHardtree is a new project management application that works on the browser. Using it, the ones in charge of teams of every size can distribute tasks and then track their development. Projects can be prioritised, and their statuses can be changed as many times as needed. Also, the number of members who are assigned to any project can be modified at any moment. If you (as the one managing the project) feel that the deadline is not going to be met then you can simply assign more people to it, and avoid any unnecessary bashing by those who are above you.

Likewise, Hardtree comes complete with a supple CRM module that will let you take care of managing every single operation connected with the clients you company has, and the purchases that they make. And a financial module that lets you track your assets, liabilities and receivables is also provided.

On the whole, then, Hardtree will let you apply efficient workflow practices to all the tasks that you manage and keep a clear history of all the transactions that you are carrying out. In this way, customer support is notably simplified. And that can only lead to a higher rate or returning customers in the long run.

Hardtree.com In Their Own Words

Powerful Web Based Management Software for Intelligent Business.

Why Hardtree.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let company managers do their jobs with more focus and efficiency.

Some Questions About Hardtree.com

To which extent is integration with other applications provided? Hardtree.com