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Hangout Canopy is a new Chrome extension that lets you know about public hangouts that you’d most likely be interested in joining. This service keeps an eye on your friend’s public activity, and whenever any of them is joining a new hangout then you’ll get to know about it. This information is displayed on a window that you can see at all times, and which makes it really easy to join any hangout that looks like good fun. And in addition to showing you all the public hangouts that your friends are joining, this window can display all the private hangouts that they are becoming part of.

As it’s only suitable, that information is not made widely known. No, these hangouts from your circles that aren’t public aren’t shared with all and sundry, only with the people who are part of these circles.

And an “I’m feeling lucky” button is also available, for these times when you just feel like socializing a little but don’t really know who to talk to. Well, by using this button you’ll be taken straight into a random public hangout.

If this sounds like the kind of service that could turn Google Plus into a more productive platform, then I encourage you to download the extension at the Chrome Web Store. In Their Own Words

Google hangouts are a great way to meet new people, but, what if you can’t find any public hangouts? Hangout Canopy solves this problem, by watching your friend?s public activity and sending all public hangouts back to us.

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Why doesn’t Google Plus come with such a feature? Will one be added anytime soon?