Hangchillparty.com – Hang Out With Your Friends

Hangchillparty.comHangchillparty is a web app for the social ones among you. Basically, it will let you pick a status from “I’m free to hang out”, “Probably down to chill” and “I’m busy or unavailable” and let everybody figure out whether calling you at any time is a good idea or not.

Each status has got a corresponding color: “green”, “yellow” and “red”.

Hangchillparty works by being linked to your Facebook account and your mobile phone. Once you do that, you can proceed to signal a light as it was just described in order to let everybody know about your availability. Of course, you will also become able to know about when they are available themselves.

In this way, arranging a night out on the fly becomes something incredibly easy. It is a mere matter of looking at your friends’ statuses and the lights that they have signaled to realize who is up for some fun and who is either busy or not feeling that outgoing.

Plus, each person who uses the site has a social ranking attributed to him. This is based on how often he signals his status, how many friends he has got, and how frequently he hangs out with them.

Hangchillparty.com In Their Own Words

“Let all your friends know who’s hanging out where. Immediately know who wants to hang out with you.”

Why Hangchillparty.com It Might Be A Killer

It’s an interesting way to showcase your availability, and to highlight your degree of social engagement.

Some Questions About Hangchillparty.com

Will integration with services other than Facebook ever be provided? Hangchillparty.com