HandMeDowns.com – Classifieds For Moms

HandMeDowns.comAs its name denotes, Hand Me Downs is a site that will enable moms to buy, sell and donate gently used baby items as well as advertise childcare services. The website is then split into the corresponding sections, all of which can be accessed from the main page.

The listings include both site-specific postings and a collection of the best items for moms that can be found on the web. As it was mentioned above, the items are in “gently used” condition. This term refers to items which are in very good condition, without rips or stains of any kind. The company adheres to a safety policy, and no unsafe or recalled items can be procured through the site.

The website has a “Get Started” link that will let new site users choose their location in order to start looking up items that are situated near to them, and some of the featured regions so far include Washington, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

All in all, this site is a useful resource for moms all over the United States and it is definitely going to be interesting to see which features are added in future updates.

HandMeDowns.com In Their Own Words

“Handmedowns is a new online classifieds site for moms where you can buy, sell, give away or donate your new and ‘gently used’ baby gear, toys, clothes, childcare services and more in a family friendly atmosphere. We pull together and organize the best baby/child/mom listings from around the web AND combine them with handmedowns.com listings posted on our site to create a one-stop destination for busy moms.”

Why HandMeDowns.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a well-designed resource that has a ready market.

Some Questions About HandMeDowns.com

Of often is the site going to be updated? HandMeDowns.com