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Hall.comCampfire, Banckle, Pligus… there’s no shortage of collaboration tools out there. And the truth is that some come with more features that you’d ever care to try. What’s the point in paying for something you are never using, or that you’re using once and never bothering with again? You’re better off with a tool that comes with the right number of features, and nothing more. And is clearly that kind of service. is a collaboration tool that lets you create rooms (“halls”) for all the people you work with to come together online. The site lets you all chat and exchange files in a 100% secure way, and also use a series of apps that make for agreeing on ideas a lot easier. These include a notepad, polls and a to-do organizer that lets you put all your priorities in line.

And all that can be done for free. Becoming a user of costs nothing, and once you’ve signed up for the service you can begin inviting all your colleagues in. Your colleagues, and also your friends and any person you study with. The app should work well-enough in all these cases. In Their Own Words

Chat and collaborate in one place. Perfect for teams, companies and communities.

Some Questions About

How many “halls” can the same person create? And how many people can these rooms hold?

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