HadToSay.com – Don’t Bite Your Tongue

HadToSay.comShy people were given a whole new platform to interact through and break their emotional barriers ever since messaging services became available. Actually, that last bit can be questioned – I know psychologists that claim interacting in such a context does nothing but foster the kind of feelings that make individuals bottle up inside themselves.

This is debatable, of course, but such a stance holds some water if you think about it.

Had To Say is a new messaging service that lets people post messages anonymously. If we look at it from a psychological point of view, this has a liberating effect. You are angry at something or someone? Let them have it all here. Have you a crush on that shop clerk? Let her know anonymously. Do you always see someone on the way to work who has something about him that holds you enthralled? Let him know.

The messages that can be created using this solution involve a printable card with a unique ID and a PIN that the recipient will eventually use to retrieve your message. This card must be left someplace the recipient will find it. If he or she responds to the message you will be notified either via e-mail or SMS. Easy, practical and free.

HadToSay.com In Their Own Words

“HadToSay is a free service that allows you to anonymously share your thoughts, about anything, with anyone, at any time… a random person you cross on the sidewalk, a secret office crush, that bonehead who pinned you in by parking too close or that tall drink of water, or spicy little vixen at the coffee shop.”

Why HadToSay.com It Might Be A Killer

Those who are not that good at breaking the ice will make the best out of such a solution.

Some Questions About HadToSay.com

How long can the actual message be? Can it include media, or only text is allowed? HadToSay.com