Hack Your Brain – 4 Steps To Achieve Unprecedented Growth With Gary Whitehill


By Sylvie Lekarakos 


One of the greatest challenges of a startup entrepreneur is making it over that crucial hump when everything goes wrong and one’s inner critic shows up shrieking. If you have ever been overwhelmed, considered giving up or stalled by saying things like, “I just need to figure things out… someday,” then luckily you are about to read Gary Whitehill’s four step brain hack that will have you on your way to relentless achievement.


Gary Whitehill, founder of Entrepreneur Week and the Relentless Foundation, has a talent for teaching entrepreneurs how to turn failure into success and get stuff done. One of his proudest achievements has been to scale Entrepreneur Week from a small local New York City conference to a global phenomenon, which is now the second largest startup conference of its kind in the world. Entrepreneur Week serves to create a global community that encourages entrepreneurs everywhere to believe that they can achieve anything.




One of the ways Gary focused on achieving his unprecedented growth was through the method he has developed to hack his brain by building his personal power. Here is the short and quick guide to his four step process to achieve growth:


1. Inspire Clarity

The first step to hacking your brain is to realize you simply can not predict the future. People psych themselves out by concentrating on all the possible bad outcomes. By focusing on what could go wrong, as opposed to planning for it (big difference!), you sell yourself short. With this thinking you, by default, negate all the possible great outcomes and then inadvertently set yourself up to assume that you will not have the smarts, strength and fortitude to overcome any barriers as they pop up. This in turn gives your power over to your inner critic. By accepting reality for what it is, and that the future is simply unknown, actually works to wrestle away power from your inner critic and puts it squarely back into your control. This is the secret sauce to inspiring clarity.


2. Create Possibility

Fearing what others think of you and giving that importance gives them all the power. Don’t be afraid of what others might think, be fearless in your uniqueness and thus your personal power.  After all as a startup entrepreneur, your success depends on being able to break the mold, whether that is creating a mind blowingly new product or service or simply a better one. You by default create possibility. Embrace it! Let your freak flag fly and use it to see things differently or in a completely new way. That kind of thinking, self acceptance and self confidence will empower you to create a revolution in your industry.


3. Construct an Ecosystem

Your greatest power comes from your action and your community; the ability to inspire, coordinate and make connections. “Stuff” does not give you power, it’s just a tool to show off power (if that’s your thing). And excuses eat away your power, a lot. Action, any small action, is the first step to overcoming your excuses and re-engaging with your personal power. Inspiring and building meaningful relationships with others is the second step. These two things will get you much further than any amount of money, machines or “stuff.”  So get out there, do something, anything; start meeting people and building an ecosystem around your goal.


4. Never Stop Hacking Your Brain

Momentum is critical. Once you get going it builds upon itself quickly. This will move you to feel powerful at first, and at some point, overwhelmed. Hence, you must continue to use the system you have developed for yourself to make it over each next hurdle and rise up to the next level. What you do does not have to be perfect, it just has to keep going. The day you stop is the day you begin to slow down to a halt. It also greatly helps to keep moving forward if you make it fun and continue to give yourself incentives.


There is no prize at the end, each day you make progress is the prize. That’s the key.


This is just a little taste of Gary’s brain hacking and achievements. For more info please visit Gary Whitehill’s site. To learn more about Entrepreneur Week and to find a conference or event near you, please visit the EW site.